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 A T T E N T I O N 

The old RRRing at WebRing is gone!   We have moved to RingSurf!

If you still have the old RRRing HTML code on your homepage, you need to delete it and sign up to join the newer RRRing at RingSurf.  The sign-up box is below.

If you would like to join the new RRRing, please use the form below to submit your website to the Queue (waiting area).

Kindly keep in mind that this Ring is only for homepages and websites that specifically have something to do with romance novels.

And by that I mean that your website should contain information that would be of interest to our romance-reading Ringtravelers.

. . . Romance Novels . . . Romance Novels . . . Romance Novels . . .

No gateway or jump sites that only contain links to books at (or B&N, etc.) – unless you also have reviews or plot descriptions or SOMETHING.   If you run an associated online bookstore, we are happy to have you — but please have something on your site that makes it more than just a list of links to Amazon.  No associate sites.  (There are thousands upon thousands of them on the Web.)

Where to place the Ring HTML code?
These are the
2 RULES (no exceptions):
It must be on the page that you submit.  This will be the page on your site that Ringtravelers will see first.  They must see the RRRing code there.

And when they finish their visit to your site, they must find their way back to the code again – without any troubleMake "road signs" (a link on each page) leading back to where you have the RRRing code.  You can even place a second copy of the code on your WebRings page, if you like.  Or on all your pages.

If you make your visitors hunt for the code, they won't do it.  They will just leave the ring completely instead of moving on to the next site.  The site following yours in the ring order will get no traffic from you.  Your site will be a "dead end" and of no benefit to the Ring.  And if you selfishly do this – make it difficult for your visitors and for your fellow Ringmembers – you will be removed from the RRRing immediately.
We don't need you.   Nobody needs you.  Get lost.

Ringmembers help each other — they do not hinder them.

You've moved your website?
Use the Member Login (below) to make the necessary changes concerning your site's info for the RRRing.  (URL, e-mail, description, whatever.)   Keep your Ring info current!   Do NOT allow your site to become a "dead end" – you will be removed.

Need another copy of the RRRing HTML code?
Use the Member Login (below) to reach your Edit page.  Scroll down to the bottom and you'll find the code.  Each code is already customized for your site.  Simply copy and paste it to your registered URL page, as is.

Don't forget to download a copy of the RRRing graphic!
Modify the HTML so it will link to the graphic on YOUR server!

Upload this graphic to your own server!

On a regular basis, all the Ringmember sites will be randomly rearranged in the ring order – so that slower traffic sites will benefit from the more popular ones.  One of the many wonderful benefits of being a Romance Reading Ring member!

Welcome to the RRRing, friends!

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Romance Reading Ring
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